Mastering Stocks Trading

Acceage forex Training Program

Mastering Stocks Trading

Mastering Stocks Trading with a One-Month Live Trading Practice
We are committed to partnering with you to ensure a refund of your course fees through live trading sessions.

The training with a Canadian expert with 25+ years of expertise in stock market trading, derivatives, options, and forex training in English or Arabic. This personalized, one-to-one training includes live coaching and hands-on trading experience for an entire month post-training, ensuring a return on your investment by covering the training cost.

The training program consists of 20 hours of dedicated instruction followed by one month of live coaching sessions. 

Live Trading Workshop

Welcome to our exclusive Stocks Live Trading Workshop! Our seasoned coach, with over 25 years of profound experience in stock trading, will guide you through strategies that consistently generate a 10% monthly profit. Gain insights, refine your skills, and achieve consistent success in the world of stocks. Limited seats available. Reserve your spot today!

What you'll learn

  1. Understanding the Stock Market
  2. Basics of Stocks and Equities
  3. Types of Stocks: Common, Preferred, Blue-chip, etc.
  4. Overview of Stock Exchanges
  1. Market Participants: Investors, Traders, Brokers
  2. Types of Trading: Day Trading, Swing Trading, Long-term Investing
  3. Risk Management and Mitigation Strategies
  4. Basics of Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  1. Candlestick Patterns and Chart Analysis
  2. Trend Analysis: Identifying Support and Resistance
  3. Indicators and Oscillators: MACD, RSI, Moving Averages
  4. Chart Patterns: Head and Shoulders, Flags, Pennants
  1. Evaluating Company Financials: Balance Sheets, Income Statements
  2. Understanding Key Ratios: P/E Ratio, EPS, P/B Ratio
  3. Economic Indicators and their Impact on Stocks
  4. Qualitative Analysis: Industry Trends, Company Leadership, etc.
  1. Breakout Strategies
  2. Momentum Trading
  3. Value Investing Strategies
  4. Risk Management Techniques: Stop-loss, Position Sizing
  1. Setting Trading Goals
  2. Creating a Personalized Trading Strategy
  3. Maintaining Discipline and Emotional Control
  4. Building and Adapting the Trading Plan
  1. Paper Trading Exercises
  2. Real-time Market Analysis
  3. Case Studies and Practical Examples
  4. Interactive Trading Simulations
  1. Psychology of Trading: Emotions and Decision-making
  2. Controlling Risks and Setting Risk/Reward Ratios
  3. Trading Psychology: Patience, Discipline, and Confidence
  4. Overcoming Trading Challenges and Pitfalls
  1. Review of Course Highlights
  2. Resources for Further Learning: Books, Websites, Forums
  3. Continuing Education and Ongoing Improvement


Live Trading Workshop $4,500

Stocks Trading Course $4,000